About Dakota BioWorx

Hard Work Happens at the Intersection of Science & Creativity

A state-of-the-art space, technical resources, intellectual muscle, inexhaustible creative energy, here they all come together to take your innovation out of the land of conceptual thinking and into the real world bioeconomy. We bring together top minds in biotechnology to offer you complete, holistic support as you work to address some of the world’s most pressing problems.

Why South Dakota?

This part of the United States is home to recognized academic excellence. It features an established research culture and community, and its rich history of sustainable plant-based economy and businesses so important to concept testing

Bio Leadership Coalition

Dakota BioWorx is made possible by the visionary support of the Bio Leadership Coalition: South Dakota State University, South Dakota School of Mines, POET, SD Corn Growers, SD Soybean Checkoff, the Research Park of SDSU, and South Dakota Biotech.

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