Commercial Scale-Up Services

The Hard Work and Guidance Your Idea Needs

When you step through our doors, you take a giant step toward turning your plant-based biotech idea into a success. With your direction and our no-nonsense approach, you’ll be supported by the experts, private lab space and cutting edge equipment you need to go through all the necessary stages of scale-up and commercialization.


As an innovation institute, DBX can connect you to investors, talent, specialists and commercial manufactures. The long list of collaborators and associates we work with are all looking to advance the bioeconomy, so helping DBX clients like you is a win-win.


We understand your need to protect your intellectual property, so we’ve instituted non-disclosure agreements between DBX and all associates. We’ve also installed multiple levels of physical security including programmable key-card access doors to ensure your rented lab space and equipment stays private.


Whether you start with a small flask of your new product, or you’ve taken it further, DBX gives you the flexibility to enter at any level to continue advancing your product’s level of market readiness.


Sometimes you need more details about the viability of your technology. As needed, we’ll help you develop a techno economic analysis for both your commercial and pilot-scale levels of production.


A successful product outcome is only the beginning. Our business minded experts will also help you develop a commercialization game plan that could include marketing, patenting, and general strategy advice.


If your scale-up needs go beyond DBX to a contracted commercial manufacturer, and we hope they do, we’ll set you up with a tech-transfer package to ease the transition.

Currently Taking Applications for April 2024 Scale-Up Projects

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