Through our border-to-border initiative, we bring together teams from across the state to help our clients navigate the challenges and complexities of scaling biotechnology.

Dakota BioWorx Team

Headshot of Craig Arnold, Dakota BioWorx CEO
Craig Arnold
Chief Executive Officer

Craig is a seasoned technology and innovation leader with a keen eye for identifying promising new research and driving business growth. With a proven background in pilot scale-up biotechnology, he specializes in partnering with innovators and visionaries to bring their new ideas to market. His expertise spans diverse sectors, from nanotechnology, biotechnology and commercialization of university technology, where he has demonstrated ability in navigating partnerships, investment channels, and processes. At Dakota BioWorx, Craig leverages his experience to harness groundbreaking concepts and propel them towards commercial viability, always keeping a sharp focus on delivering value to both clients, consumers, and investors.

Headshot of Greg Opdahl, Dakota BioWorx Bioprocess Engineer
Greg Opdahl
Bioprocess Engineer

Greg combines hands-on startup engineering experience in the fermentation industry with a graduate education from South Dakota School of Mines in chemical and biochemical engineering. As a result, he is gifted at guiding clients and collaborators through the early pilot stages of development, preparing both to enter the bio economy at full speed.

Headshot of Dan Cerfus, Dakota BioWorx Bioprocess Engineer
Dan Cerfus
Bioprocess Engineer

By applying principles of engineering to his foundational degree in biology from South Dakota Mines, Dan mixes disciplines with surprising results. His hands-on experience cultivating a variety of microorganisms with diverse growth requirements makes him an invaluable partner for clients as he works to transition their ideas from benchtop shaker flasks to full scale pilot runs.